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South Asian Heritage Month Alphabet

Throughout South Asian Heritage Month we will showcase the talented creativity of Our Shared Cultural Heritage group @osch.youngpeople.
Illustrated by Natasha Ahmed (@natashahmedx @illustratedwardrobe The SAHM Alphabet shows the many meanings of South Asian identities & belongings with her A to Z interpretations. 

Admire it here.

Muslim Arts and Culture Festival (MACFESTUK) presents A Mini Festival: 

South Asian Art and Culture Bonanza Celebrating South Asian Heritage​  

  • Date: Saturday 15th August

  • Time: 2-3;30pm

  • Platform: Registration via MACFESTUK website.

  • Description: 

Hosted by Abdullah Afzal ( actor and comedian of sitcom ‘Citizen Khan’) and Qaisra Shahraz MACFEST Executive Director & Novelist.

Chief Guest to launch the event: Vice-Lord Lieutenant of Greater Manchester, Paul Griffiths.

  • Bengali Cultural Heritage: with Saki Chowdhury, community activist, showcasing cultural artefacts.


  • Literature


  • Poetry performance with music, ‘From Waris to Waltz’ with Dr Aziz Ibrahim, Guitarist and poet.

  • Short reading from, ‘The Journey’ about the partition of India & Pakistan by Qaisra Shahraz, author of ‘The Concubine & The Slave Catcher.’

  • Art

Painting and poetry with Sundar Kanta Walker, celebrated Indian artist and author.


  • Architecture

The Mughal monuments of subcontinent of India, and Pakistan with Sara Adio, British Muslim and a researcher.


  • Cake Artwork; celebrating cultural cake decorating with Roshan Ahmed, teacher and cake artist


  • Music & Dance by Soulbeats

Medley of Indian Bollywood and Banghra dances with Sonia Sharma, poet, painter & dancer and Khattak dance with Malika Kapasi.They represent India’s magnificent, diverse, multi-cultural forms of dance. Soul Beats aspires to translate creative art into community spirit, by integrating varied and diverse communities within Manchester.


  • Music with Tahir Qawwal from the USA

Tahir is leader of the Qawwali Ensemble Fanna-Fi-Allah & producer of the film series Music of the Mystics. music from the famous group live from USA.





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Architecture for the British Asian - Sanaa Shaikh & Jahba Anan

The importance of autobiographical work within the arts in order to accurately represent and document our history and experiences. 

  • Date: Saturday 8th August,

  • Time:  4-6 pm  

  • PlatformZoom

  • Description: This workshop led by architect Sanna and Jahba aims to encourage and develop an appreciation for how we look at Architecture and space. Through a series of presentations, discussion and some brief drawing exercises, they hope to work with and develop participants’ understanding of the unique way those with two or more rich cultures are able to see and experience the world around them.

  • Social media handles of partner and collaborators: 

Anjali Mya Chadha in conversation Renu Arora in conversation -

The importance of autobiographical work within the arts in order to accurately represent and document our history and experiences. 

  • Date: 19th July

  • Time:  18:30 PM

  • Platform

  • Description: Anjali and Renu will discuss the importance of autobiographical work within the arts in order to accurately represent and document our history and experiences, referencing their work within the context of wider arts industry

  • Social media handles of partner and collaborators: @littlemissymya @renuarora1

Anjali Mya Chadha in conversation Renu Arora in conversation 

  • Using trauma within autobiographical work; a discussion.

  • Date: 20th July

  • Time: 18:30 PM

  • Platform: Zoom

  • Description: Anjali and Renu will talk in detail about the role of trauma within the arts, how to know an artist is ready to create, and their own experiences as artists/writers.

  • Social media handles of partner and collaborators:  @littlemissymya @renuarora1

‘In Conversation’ Event: Ruby Bukhari in conversation with Alia Romagnoli

  • Date: Tuesday 28th July

  • Time: 5pm

  • Platform: 

  • Description: Alia Romagnoli is leading the next generation of photographers. Ruby and Alia discuss imposter syndrome, inclusivity, representation and queer identity. In this honest and open conversation, we meet the photographer behind the images captivating audiences everywhere.

  • Website of partner[s] for more information: ruthlessmagazine

  • Social media handles of partners and collaborators: Instagram: Ruthless Magazine /Alia Romagno

Panel Discussion on Art and Dance

  • Date: 29th July

  • Time:

  • Platform: 

  • Description: An exploration of identity and heritage through creative mediums such as art and dance

Lunchtime Ink Spills

  • Date: Monday 10th- Saturday 16th August

  • Time: 1 pm

  • Platform:  Instagram

  • Description: This week there will be a series of live illustrations by Architect Athiba Balasubramanian from Inkinglight. Each illustration will take you through how to draw a particular site that is culturally and historically relevant to South Asia. Each illustration will use sketching (pen or pencil on paper) and  some digital illustration.   

  • Website of partner[s] for more information:

Storytelling through the Body - Khatak

  • Date: Thursday 13th August

  • Time: 5pm

  • Platform: IG and Youtube

  • Description (50 words max)
    Nayantara Parpia introduces Khatak, a traditional classical dance form from India used to tell stories. She will take you through some of the history, the context and some basic moves.

Social media handles Instagram: @nayantara_kathak

‘In Conversation’ Event: Ruby Bukhari in conversation with Anisa Topan

Macfest Event (Qaisra Shahraz)

  • Date: Saturday 15th August,

  • Time: 2-3:30pm

  • Platform: 

  • Description: TBC

Women defenders of the earth - Silambam

  • Date: Sunday 16th August

  • Time: 1pm

  • Platform: on IG and Youtube (prerecorded)

  • Description: This workshop/ tutorial aims to allow the audience to get an insight into the history and evolution of Silambam, a 3000 year old ancient traditional indian martial art form. Since the primary weapon of this martial art is a staff, it will be easy for people across the world to find an object in their household such as a pipe, stick, pole, etc and try out some of the basic movements.

Ruthless Magazine, Photography Exhibition


  • Date: Recurring every Saturday 

  • Platform: 

  • Description: For South Asian Heritage Month we are running the Heritage Ink challenge. An opportunity for you to send in your submissions of poetry or illustrations responding to the theme of the week. Every Sunday we will release a new theme. 

  • Website of partner[s] for more information: 

  • Social media handles of partners and collaborators: search #HeritageInk on Twitter and Instagram to get involved mcrmuseum